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The Philosophy behind the Nagoya Ishida Educational Group


Seijoh's Guiding Principles

ph_rinen1.jpgEndowed with neither a large land mass nor rich in natural resources, Japan had a large population, but was economically poor. However, today it has grown into a materially wealthy land with a free society. From the point of view of Japan fifty years ago or the developing countries that are even today rather poor, this prosperity seems like a dream.

This success resulted from the people's raising their abilities through study and the drive to improve scientific technology and culture to produce superior products and services. The Ishida Education Group of schools adhering to its set of principles has sent forth over 70,000 young people to contribute to the cultural wealth of Japan.However, with this prosperity has come not only a fulfilling society that brings happiness to its citizens, but also new, serious problems. From an age in which all people had perforce to join and work together precisely because they were poor, we have become a society rich in material things, but one in which cooperation and helping one another are in serious short supply. We have witnessed a rise in the number of people who are self-centered, distant from those around them. There is an increase in junior high, high school, and even in universities of students who skip school, avoid study and even fail all together. Even if they come, some students only try to prevent other students from studying. Such a state of affairs presents a serious challenge to the continued health and wealth of a cultured society. We might even say that it presents a real danger to society.

The first and foremost job of universities in Japan is the understanding of this present state of society, and on the basis of this understanding to educate individuals who can contribute to the healthy development of society. Seijoh University seeks to bring its guiding principles to today's higher education and through the following three ideas to contribute to the further development of Japan's society and consequently the development of all human society.

  1. Humans are communal by nature and all people--parents, brothers and sisters, neighbors--either directly or indirectly are connected. Seijoh University strives to further the academic understanding of this fact and extend education based on it.
  2. Through the concrete knowledge and technology that can further the life of the local community, Seijoh University will contribute to the creation of cultural values.
  3. Deepening the understanding of the world, history, society and people; nurturing in all members of the university community the qualities and sophistication to live their lives forthrightly, Seijoh University promotes their own perspective on the world and educates people based on these understandings.

Seijoh University's Mission

  1. To educate individuals who will contribute to the sound and enriching life of all aspects of the surrounding community--culturally, economically, and physically.
  2. To link education and research and to further both through cooperation with the local community.
  3. To deepen exchanges between students and faculty with Asian and other foreign universities.
  4. To join with junior and high schools to provide an education steeped in the spirit of its guiding principles.

Seijoh University's educational goals
To create warm, giving individuals with understanding hearts
To engender in students the quality of never-ending self-improvement
To build refined individuals
To foster an international orientation among students
To provide a solid base of expertise
To refine the students' creativity
To equip students with strong abilities to actualize their goals

Seijoh University lies to the south of Nagoya.


Seijoh University

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