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New courses are scheduled to start in April, 2013!

This April Seijoh will add three new courses to the contemporary business collection of courses: the Marketing Course, the Accounting/Finance Course, and the Women's Career Management Course.

Education and Research

Courses of study related to contemporary business


[NEW] The Marketing Course

Business starts with consumer analysis

To discover consumer needs, you must first understand market conditions. Companies develop their product line by finding out what needs doing immediately. This course imparts marketing skills and viewpoints that form the starting point of what all members of society need: the ability to create, the ability to make concrete plans for solving customer's problems, and the ability to negotiate. Students will engage in study that they can put to use: from product planning to advertising, distribution and sales.


[NEW] Accounting/Finance Course

Improve your accounting skills, and improve your employment chances

Recent trends such as management concentrating on stockholder value and the push to standardize basic accounting practices show that the fields of accounting and finance are undergoing major changes. This course meets these changes with a program of study from basic theory through to actual application, systematically supplying the numeracy skills required by companies. Classes will create motivation and interest by using problem-solving learning approaches and practical seminars conducted by actual practitioners.


[NEW] Women's Career Management Course

Be a business manager

The world today faces a number of issues: globalization, a lower birthrate combined with an aging society, and various environmental problems. Society has a growing need for women to help solve these issues. This course offers young women a program of study from basic theory to practical training to enable them to choose a future as a business manager.


IT Management Course

Learn about uses of IT in business

Today, information technology is used in all areas of a company. This course develops both IT specialists who have studied management as well as business people who have practical IT experience. This course is for those who aim to work in a wide number of fields: as an IT specialist with a background in information technology or as a businessperson equipped with a range of IT experience.


International Business Course

Conduct business in a global society

Japanese companies are under scrutiny to show their ability to compete internationally. Furthermore, the advance of developing nations is requiring them to take a leadership role. In this course, students will study the challenges that face companies, the directions that international businesses are taking as well as the problems remaining to be solved. They will deepen their understanding of international management theory together with intercultural management theories.
The university has prepared both long- and short-term foreign study programs. Students can become acquainted with an international language, gaining the sense and skills for management in differing cultures and thus broaden their employment possibilities.
First-year students can choose to study abroad in the United States or China/Taiwan. While they are abroad the university helps with a part of the education costs.


Local Tourism Course

Enliven local communities through tourism

How to maintain a lifestyle and further the culture and economy at the local level? Students will deal with these questions through courses in city planning or tourism and local industry studies. The answers to these questions can lead to a rich, vibrant community. The course helps students as they study about community and tourism promotion and deepen their understanding of working and living in a local community. Participating in the promotion of a local community can lead to meeting new people and discovering a new self.
Those who wish can undertake studies to help them pass exams for employment as public officials, police and fire fighters.

Courses of Study Related to Health Management


Medical Management Course

Lead the medical revolution! Medical coordinators are in demand!

Students in the course will gain basic knowledge for the overview, administrative, and management jobs involved in medical employment: Medical Administration, Medical Systems, Medical Safety Administration, Medical Environmental Education, Hospital Administration Studies, Community Medical Studies. In doing so, they will learn how to offer better medical services, and become specialists with the management skills that will ensure their organization's survival that they can protect from losses. Students will have opportunities to acquire a number of different licenses and skills.


Sports Management Course

Be a sports planner offering a rich sports life

Students will learn about the various types of support and facilities available for sports that will enable them to use the knowledge and skills they obtain through sports.
Such classes as the Sports Health Seminar, Sports Industry Studies, and Sports Management will show students that sports is not only something they do, but also something that will help them support others. They will learn about being a leader but also the importance of being an individual ready to embrace challenges and work with others to solve them.

Seminar in Social Explorations

Looking for your star

What is the meaning and the enjoyment in learning? How can you find yourself? Seijoh University will help first-year students find answers to these questions through experiential learning tasks and various projects.


Some of the courses and project

The General Education Seminar

covers the arts, culture and history of Japan and foreign countries to impart culture and sensitivity.

The Social Exploration Seminar

will explore different interesting topics through the use of investment simulations and off-campus experiences and management examples so students can experience for themselves the fascination of business management.

Career Support

will teach students a broad range of knowledge and skills useful for their future job searches.

On-campus volunteering

will give real experience in working together on different university events and projects.

Practicum in Intercultural Understanding

allows students to go overseas and experience for themselves the culture and life in other countries.

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