The Faculty of Rehabilitation and Care

The Faculty of Rehabilitation and Care

The field of Rehabilitation aims to enable people with physical or mental impairments to lead an independent life by helping them to recover abilities related to basic mobility and social adaptability. To attain this goal, the Faculty of Rehabilitation and Care has developed two courses of study: physical therapy and occupation therapy.

Physical Therapy Course

What is Physical Therapy?

The physical therapist helps people with physical disabilities to regain mobility in their daily lives not only through therapeutic and other types of exercises but also through the physical stimulation provided by electric, heat, and massage treatments. Students come to a deep understanding of disabilities through the consideration of important questions. How are various physical disabilities related? What is the relation between physical functioning impairments and movement ability impairments?

Occupational Therapy Course

The occupational therapist helps people with physical, developmental, or mental impairments as well as the elderly to regain and develop daily living skills both for getting around and adjusting to society using medical treatment, guidance and advice. Seijoh graduates are well-rounded professionals equipped with medical knowledge in addition to high-level technical skills. This enables them to judge the physical and mental states of their patients.

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