International student support services

Student Support Services


  1. 1.Scholarships at Seijoh University
    For international students studying at their own expense, Seijoh University offers special scholarships (these may be in addition to other scholarships).
  2. 2.Scholarships from outside the university
    Scholarships granted to international students in the past 3 years
Scholarships granted to international students in the past 3 years
Sponsoring organization/Scholarship Recipients
Japan Students Services Association Study Support Scholarship 18 ¥48,000/month
The Korean Scholarship Foundation Scholarship 1 ¥25,000/month
Yokoyama International Scholarship Foundation 3 ¥30,000/month
Rotary Club Yoneyama Memorial Scholarship 4 ¥100,000/month
Ichihara International Scholarship Foundation Scholarship 3 ¥50,000/month
INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation Scholarship ¥40,000/month
Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Scholarship 1 ¥100,000/month
Daiko Foundation Scholarship 2 ¥360,000/year
Seijoh University-Meitoku Scholarship 11 ¥100,000/year

As part of its scholarship system, Seijoh University has in place the following fee reductions and exemptions for International students:

  1. All international students enjoy a ¥100,000 reduction in the entrance fee.
  2. Living expenses assistance scholarship: ¥250,000 a year.
  3. Scholarship for students with superior grades: ¥150,000 a year.


University-screened apartments

Seijoh University (SU) has screened a number of apartments near the university for students who will be entering the university.

SU has screened apartments that provide a safe environment at a low price with low move-in costs. Consider the following points.

Working together with real estate companies, SU looked for reasonably-priced places near the university that could provide a safe, study-friendly environment. In addition, we limited the list to apartments within walking distance of the university. Even in times of emergency students can get to the university without using public transportation.

In order to be listed with the university, apartments must meet five of the following conditions.

  • • Rent under ¥45,000 a month (under ¥50,000 with utilities)
  • • Within 4.5 km (about 2.8 miles) from the university (within an hour's walk in cases of emergency)
  • • Convertible to furnished and include large-electrical appliances (rent + ¥6,000/mth)
  • • No deposit
  • • No interior-restoration charges [Some places levy a charge to restore the apartment to the original condition regardless of whether any damage was done.]
  • • Includes tenant's insurance
  • • No broker's fee
  • • Offers a tenant's safety service (15,000 yen incl. tax) (2 years)
    The service provides for example:
    • • a telephone number that authorized persons (for example parents) can use to check the safety of the tenant
    • • 24-hour emergency support (e.g. a leaky water pipe, locked out of apartment etc.)

Student Counseling Room

Seijoh offers advice in the following two areas. Three staff members are ready to answer students' questions.

General Counseling

  1. Career counseling: future plans, entrepreneurships, job hunting, course credits
  2. Life counseling: Living a full life, extracurricular activities, study and work

General Counseling

  1. Counseling about relationships: parent-child relations, social relations, man-woman relations
  2. Mental health: depression, troubles establishing relations with others
  3. Trouble advice: disputes or misunderstandings with friends, stalker, sexual harassment, domestic violence
  4. Psychological testing: Mental health tests, personality tests, career aptitude testing

Seijoh University maintains a separate support system exclusively for International students. Feel free to ask questions at any time.

Employment assistance

Seijoh University provides assistance for international students seeking employment in Japan or entrance to graduate school.

  1. 1. The international student orientation in both the first and second semester in each of the four years provides: 1) a reminder about important dates for applying for employment or graduate school; 2) information about qualifying for various certification examinations and employment events; and 3) information about staying safe during student days.
  2. 2. At the beginning of summer, the university offers "Graduate School Guidance for International Students" for the third- and four-year students hoping to continue on to graduate school. This guidance includes help in graduate school entrance examinations.
  3. 3. The curriculum includes some useful courses. In "Career Support I and II for international students" in the second semester of the second year, students will strengthen Japanese-language skills in order to obtain the N1 ranking in the Japanese Proficiency Test. In "Career Support III for international students" in the second semester of the third year, students gain knowledge and information necessary when seeking employment in Japan; students think about life after graduation, develop objectives and form plans of action as well as strengthen their Japanese proficiency.
  4. 4. The employment assistance office offers not only information about employment opportunities for international students and job fairs, but also guidance in how to compose a Japanese-style curriculum vitae or resume and prepare for an interview.

Career Paths

Employment in Japan 中部国際空港旅客サービス㈱、㈱河西精機製作所、㈱レオパレス21、㈱札幌かに本家、日本精機㈱、㈱ヨシマツテクノJAPAN、㈱東洋発酵、㈱FMGエアサービス、㈱ケーズ、ひだホテルプラザ、㈱VSN など
Graduate Schools 名古屋大学、大阪大学、愛知県立大学、名古屋市立大学、同志社大学、立命館大学、関西学院大学、愛知大学、名城大学、愛知学院大学 など

International Student Council

All international students are members of the International Student Council and elect an executive committee composed of a Chair, Vice-chair, Finance Director, Secretary and Member-at-large.

The International Council plans events and provides support for international students.

For example, at the annual University festival, it puts together a forum featuring presentations by international students for the general public and sponsors an international exchange party afterwards. In addition, it plans and executes a welcoming party for new international students as well as a bus trip. The Council leaves many students with lasting memories of their stay at Seijoh University.

Activities can be viewed under "New Information".

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